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A Directory of Food and Beverage Museums and Collections

Made possible by the dedication of Shirley Cherkasky and the cooperation of her many friends

This Museum Directory contains a recently augmented international listing of more than 1400 museums and collections, both public and private, dedicated to food and beverages. Often the museums are large and comprehensive; other times they are small and idiosyncratic. This data base has been compiled over several years by Shirley Cherkasky, founder of the Culinary Historians of Washington, DC., and by Randy Schwartz of the Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor. A team at the University of Wisconsin Libraries under the supervision of Kenneth Frazier and Jean Looze prepared the new database. Our thanks and kudos to them for their work. Please email Shirley with any new museums you discover or with any changes or errors in the information here. .

  1. Culinary/Food Museums or Collections (General)
  2. Museums/Collections (Specific Foods)
  3. Museums/Collections Focused on Specific Beverages
  4. Museums of Food Containers, Utensils, Appliances, and Dishes

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